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Furnace/Boiler Installation

Furnace/Boiler Installation

Your home’s furnace is essential to your family’s day-to-day comfort, and is a major investment in your property. It makes sense to thoroughly research available options before making any decisions around a furnace upgrade or furnace installation project.

Type of Furnace

The two most common types of home heating systems include forced air and radiant (or boiler) systems. Forced air systems require ductwork to blow (or force) the heated air. This process distributes heat throughout your home. Radiant heating systems come in several different forms. These systems rely on boilers, which send heated water (steam) through a series of pipes to radiators (or baseboards). The radiators or baseboard provide heat wherever they are installed. Radiant heating systems may also transfer heat to a floor through hot water tubing installed beneath the flooring surface.

Gas Furnace Installation